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Wings of Dream SMP is a Dream SMP AU to be set as if everyone were Wings of Fire dragons. There are no clear scavengers and every mob has been changed to fit up to size and theme.

The AU contains some changes to the plot but most are so subtle that you may or may not even notice.

Please take into fiction notice that everyone here is based on the characters within the SMP and not the actual real life people. The only real life information you will most likely find is in trivia or background. Otherwise, everything is fictional.

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There is no current schedule for the edits of pages other than less edits during School weeks (Mon-Fri) unless otherwise noted.

You can also sign up for content moderator soon, around December if this wiki gets so far.

Finally there will be polls and elections for changes of different characters, whether you don't agree with someone's tribe or not.

Coding Credits

We give all of our credits to both the Wings of Fire Wiki and the Dream Team Wiki for the following codes

  • Rail Boxes (WoF)
  • New Spoiler Template (Inspiriation of Dream Team)
  • Pointer (partially WoF)

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  • Discord Server Change

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